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The Process

Pre Planning

  • Video strategy/goals

  • Budget/scope

  • Story selection

  • Project timeline

  • Script creation

  • Talent

  • Production team

  • Equipment needs

  • Location Scouting

  • Marketing

Principal Photography

  • Setting up the equipment

  • Assisting with the talent 

  • Conducting interviews (on a need basis)

  • Recording voiceovers (on a needed basis)

  • Capturing b-roll (extra footage that is used to support your story)

Post Production

  • Organizing the footage

  • Music selection

  • Editing story rough cuts

  • Color Grading/Audio

  • MasteringReviews/approvals

  • Final delivery and distribution

Short/Feature film

Transform your short film idea into a cinematic masterpiece. Our skilled team will bring your vision to life with artistry, creativity, and technical expertise.


Transform your commercial idea into an attention-grabbing masterpiece with our professional production services. Let us help your business stand out and succeed.

Corporate Storytelling 

Elevate your company's narrative with our expert corporate storytelling production services. Let us bring your story to life and inspire your audience

Event Live Stream

Make your live stream event unforgettable with professional recording services. Captivate your audience and relive the magic anytime, anywhere. Did we mention we offer a service that allows you to sell virtual tickets? Click the inquire button below to learn more about our live streaming service. 


Take your project to new heights with our expert post-production services. ere at SMS, your baby is our baby. Sit in on editing sessions or receive virtual links to keep up with the edits from home. 

Explainer Videos

Elevate your brand and effectively communicate your message with professional explainer videos from Steven Michael Studios. Our team will craft a captivating and informative video that simplifies complex concepts for your audience.

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