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Misfits. Storytellers. Filmmakers. 
Steven Michael Studios was founded by Steven Michael and Justin Aguilar in 2016. With only a dslr the two began their filmmaking journey in Philadelphia, PA.  Steven having a background in photography he was able to land a few jobs as a BTS photographer for a few big sets; from there he learned the ends and outs of what it took to make a movie. The rest was easy..
Steven and Justin worked from set to set meeting different people from all walks of life. From each set, a new experience and along the way the team has grown. Steven and Justin took their experiences and started making their own films with their new team. Steven Michael Studios is now one of the Top independent studios in PA.

Steven Michael


As the leader of an independent film studio. My goal is to create and tell captivating stories through film while leading an extraordinary group of individuals. 


David Keane

Animator, Production Design

From animation to graphics and even editing David is a wizard before the computer. David brings our art ideas to life.

James Crews


James works the development team helping projects come to life. From meetings to budget talks and locking in cast James does it all.

De'andre Hariot

Head of Sales

Merchandising our films and so on is a huge task. De'Andre works with the graphics department and online store to help drive our sales.

Sam Thomas

Sound Engineer

Sound is key to any great project. With the same music background transition to film was a breeze. Audio may be the most important thing on any set.

Korey Jacobs


Lighting is what sets the mood for your project. Korey brings the project to life with all different lighting techniques. 


Justin Aguilar

Lead Editor

Justin is the lead editor, when we wrap projects he takes all the media and begins putting things together piece by piece giving us the final master piece.


Maurice Daniels

Team Photographer

Maurice is in change of our photogrpahy projects and spare heads or product works. Every product needs the right look and Maurice captures that look.

Image by Matt Gross

Imani Rothwell

1st AD/ Producer

Imani is the voice of the team, she helps keep everyone in shape and on their task at hand. She never misses a beat and is on top of every little detail.


Lenny Lineman


Lenny helps find investors and locks in money for projects. He handles the budgets and makes sure everyone is getting their money worth.


Anotine Brewington

Junior Producer

Antoine works with other producers to help secure funding and locations for projects.


Johniek Wroten

Lead Makeup Artist

Johniek specializes in SFX makeup and can also perform beauty makeup. Create that creepy monster or prepare the beautiful bride.

Tyler Mullholland-Gain

             Marketing Manager

Every great team needs an online presence. Tyler connects SMS with the social world online.

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