About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Steven Michael Studios, LLC is a Philadelphia-based independent production company dedicated to providing a variety of content-driven services for individuals and corporations. Our company utilizes the latest video, audio, and lighting technology to produce creative and cost-efficient media content. We strive to provide ourselves and our clients with an end product that is prolific, engaging, and achieves its purpose. 

Our Story

Steven Michael Studios was founded by Steven Michael and Justin Aguilar in 2016. With only a DSLR the two began their filmmaking journey in Philadelphia, PA.  Steven has a background in photography he was able to land a few jobs as a BTS photographer for a few big sets; from there he learned the ends and outs of what it took to make a movie. The rest was easy..

Steven and Justin worked from set to set meeting different people from all walks of life. From each set, a new experience, and along the way the team has grown. Steven and Justin took their experiences and started making their own films with their new team. Steven Michael Studios is now one of the Top independent studios in PA.

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